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Hey guys...


Hey guys...

Good morning Iris team! I had a question that I think would help improve Community morale and maybe even create engagement and positivity. 


Could you give us a timeline for active investigations into features that we are requesting? OR maybe under the updates section, tell us what you are working on so we don't wait so long between updates and then feel let down when they release? I'm positive that open communication and transparency in the community would improve relationships.

Even if it means you say things like, "Were looking into Arlo integration..." and then next update is "Arlo integration would not be feasible due to......." or whatever items have been asked about. For example, I want Alexa to be able to show my Iris cameras. If that is something that will never happen, it would prevent me from spending money in places where I would resent the fact after. 


Right now, I'm not buying any more cameras because it will all come down to who provides the most capable integrations with my current set up. I can understand where someone might say, "Well Iris would like to gain that market share with their own cameras"... then the cameras need to have shared flexibility to partner with Amazon for me to purchase the Iris cameras because I already know another company (Ring, for example) can satiate that technology need for me right now. If I knew the anticipated progression, I could make better decisions, and feel more confident in my choices as I make them. 


Anyhow, hope this message finds you nose deep in happyiness, because Iris is still my product of choice. 

Take care, 





Re: Hey guys...

That’s a great idea! Since Iris was not at CES this year, is there anything new coming for 2018? Are there any new cameras coming out? One of the tech support people mentioned they were working on a new wireless indoor camera. Is this true? What about an official notification or announcement by Iris about details of new and upcoming updates like 2.9 that just occurred. I was told by tech support too that 4g LTE gives you now 7 days of service per month if internet goes down. It still says 72 hours or 3 days on the website. But I think that would be a great idea to give us official update whether it’s positive or negative.
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Re: Hey guys...

Hey guys back at you :-)


I totally get what you are asking for and we are working on being able to share more of our plans with you and communicating a bit better with our loyal customers. It is a bit of a challenge because as with many things in technology and engineering timelines and plans can change as and there's a risk with being too specific about say, dates (there's also sometimes other issues that are not related to engineering that make it hard to be too specific with announcing planned future features/products). This is on us though, not you guys, and it is one of our goals to use venues like this forum to be able to share as much as we can. 


To specifically address (best I can for now :-) the questions in this thread, we have investigated Arlo integration; it is not on the immediate road map due to some technological issues, but we are aware it is a popular product and we still hope to work with it at some point in the future. As for wireless cameras in general, we know this is an area that many Iris customers are very interested in and we are actively working on bringing a wireless camera solution to the Iris ecosystem later this year. Finally, we have posted release notes in the past and we missed doing this in January; hopefully the recent post in the release notes thread helped fill the gap but let us know if you have any questions about anything specific in the notes.


Thanks again for being Iris customers and hope you are having a great weekend,




Hope this helps a bit,




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Re: Hey guys...



From experience I have found that wireless cameras cannot offer 100% reliability, which I'm sure you will agree is very important to a security/HA ecosystem.  In my opinion Lowe's should look into partnering with a proven video solution like Blue Iris.  Blue Iris integration would add a tremendous amount of functionality and value to the Iris platform.