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Iris and Schlage Touchscreen BE469 Deadbolts - Unreliable

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Re: Iris and Schlage Touchscreen BE469 Deadbolts - Unreliable

I have been having this same issue for about a year. That is why I have not taken the premium service. I was on the phone with a tech on Sunday for about am hour. They got it resolved and working... guess what.... It's not working two days later.

Re: Iris and Schlage Touchscreen BE469 Deadbolts - Unreliable

Thanks for doing this detective work.  I do hope that the Iris team gets the message and upgrades their security.


I too have had many problems keeping my three Schlage BE 469 locks connected to the hub - over a period of years.  At one point, I seriously considered getting a second hub.  But after purchasing many Smart Plugs to extend the Z-Wave network, and many hours with Iris tech support and many, many Z-Wave rebuilds, I had a stable network.  BUT, after a few months, the connectivity problems started again.  I believe the event which causes the Z-Wave network problem was when my water leak detector needed new batteries.  It is a Z-Wave device and its temporary loss in the network seemed to have triped me back into Schlage lock connectivity problems.  I replaced the batteries in the leak detector and have rebuilt the network 10 or 15 times since - but I still cannot get back to a reliable network.


So, my plea to the Iris Team is to give the users more information and control - via the app:

  • Let us see which devices in our network are using Z-Wave communication.  With the Iris Tech Team's help, I have had to reinstall many Smart Switches that were only using ZigBee.  For whatever reason, the hun had not registered them as a Z-Wave repeated.  Of course, reliable including the Z-Wave option on Smart Plugs would be best.  If needed, let the user specify that they need the Z-Wave option to communicate with remote Z-Wave devices.
  • Let us see the current network path to all of our Z-Wave devices.
  • Give us the ability to alter the currently configured path, using our knowledge of our homes - path distances, walls, etc.
  • And once we get to a stable Z-Wave network, give us the ability to lock that network configuration in place.  It should only need to be updated if we add/remove devices or move walls, refrigerators, etc. in our homes.

Another issue with communication failures is the way Iris has changed notification of failure events over the years.  At one point, a dead battery or a disconnected device was a major event that would be obvious immediately on opening the app.  But now, one has to dig.  Are you trying to hide your communication issues from the users??


To the Iris Team, you have a great start on Home Automation that sits very well with do-it-yourself people like me.  Please fix the warts on the product to make it a secure home automation system that I could gladly recommend to all my colleagues.