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Iris going away?

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Iris going away?

Just wanting to find out if my Iris system days are numbers as all signs point to yes. Lowes in Vegas are no longer stocking anything but kits, no keypads, fobs, contact sensors, or anything Iris made, just other brands that are compatible. Endcaps are being replaced by Smarthings. Is there going to be a merger? Buyout? or is Iris just being dropped in favor of selling smarthings? I have a keypad V1 works perfect. Then I also have a keypad V2 and it is always dropping and loosing connection. In fact everything I have that is V2 seems to be j.u.n.k. except the hub. All contacts v1 I have no issues, but the 3 that I have that are V2 keep dropping signal, 2 are within 10 feet of the hub.


I know Iris has a lot of bugs and I am always being told they are working on it, there are going to release a new keypad soon (That was a year ago). I would jump ship but 90% of my system is V1 and none of that is compatible with any other system, only the v2 stuff and all of it is j.u.n.k.


Has anyone else thought about jumping ship and just walking away from the investment in Iris. Who are you switching to and why?


Iris if you read this can you be honest with us and tell us the future plans of Iris and their products and if you are staying around when is replacements coming, New versions. We want a real timeline no just ya stuff is coming and then nothing. 

Also did you know j.u.n.k is a bad work. they will not let you post that. LOL. They obviously know there stuff is that and they don’t want us telling each other.


Re: Iris going away?

Ring Alarm System is coming. Pre-orders are available. Shipping July 4!

I’m gonna to get Ring in about a year. Seeing how it performs. Can’t be as buggy as this.

Re: Iris going away?

Take a look at the many articles on Russian hacking of our routers (you can search for other articles).  If hackers can into our routers is it so hard to believe that they can't get into our security systems?  Before condemning one system and going to another you should double check that you router and system are safe from hackers.  While it's true that some deficiencies are the fault of Iris and by association Lowes, you should consider all facets before making such decisions because the grass isn't always greener on the other side.



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Re: Iris going away?



Iris isn't going anywhere. We are continuously adding support for new devices. We've recently added Sengled, Sylvania and Hue lighting to the Iris platform, as well as brands like Leviton, Nest and Bosch. We are also always adding support for additional devices by brands we already support such as GE. We also have a lot of exciting new stuff in the pipeline including new cameras, new devices and new third-party integrations. I know it can be frustrating not to have an exact timeline but we would prefer to deliver when something is ready rather then meet an artificial deadline. I hope you will stick with us and give us a chance as I don't think you'll be disappointed. 




Re: Iris going away?

"new cameras, new devices and new third-party integrations"


I think I just had an Iris-gasm. I cannot wait to know more. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Iris going away?

Switch away from Iris? No way! I do not have any problems with my Iris 2nd generation products. Personally, I like 2nd gen way better than 1st gen. Maybe you forget how 1st gen worked because of long ago 1st gen was? 1st generation charged $$ for rules aka magic! I get that for free now on basic. FOR FREEEEE! Heart Also, did you forget that on basic 1st gen you only got the last 3 history items, now you get 24 hours, for free. I do not have devices fall offline and have them out in my detached garage. I do use Smart Plugs as extenders for my Iris sensors. (Granted I did have to call support several times to get my system working perfectly, they did a great job explaining to me how it all worked). 


I understand when something doesn't work we want to come vent on the world wide web and entangle ourselves in rants, but 2nd gen is cool bruh! 


Also, Ring? I mean yeah Ring sounds cool and all but who actually goes to a door and rings someones doorbell? Lol, for real, not even FedEx drivers ring doorbells. I'd rather use Iris and secure the inside of my home and outside vs. finding out that NOBODY stops by to ring my doorbell. 


Haha, anyway, word on the street is Iris is in it to win it! Can't wait to see what other awesome features and products Iris keeps brining. 


Re: Iris going away?

We will see what new products. One Iris’s way. They were supposedly supposed to have anew keypad during May. Some new cameras by 2018. They got 6 months to come up with that. So cross your fingers.

I have been on tech support for so long that they can’t figure out my laundry list of issues that I had to take all smart functions off Iris. They told me my Schlage lock is broken and that it won’t even work even if it’s not connected to Iris. Well it only works without Iris and works with Smsrtthings.

As for Ring, I get a ton of people ringing my doorbell and I also set up motion detector and alerts when people are on my property that Ring detects. I even put a door bell on the outside door of my garage and backyard. Everything’s covered. Yeah, FedEx does not ring the doorbell but the motion detector lets me know someone’s there. I let fedex know from my phone to drop package at certain location on my porch. $10 full monitoring with unlimited cloud data for video is insane. Smart functions will come around eventually, but it’s the alarm that matters on my end.

Re: Iris going away?

I’ve tried to send my reply three times to the IRIS community. That’s frustrating.

I bought my IRIS system for about $500 and installed it in a remote lakehouse about 6 years ago. (There are no permanent residents or reliable monitoring companies nearby.) This is relatively cheap compared to my home system with a monthly fee. Only difference is I use another brand of camera that is stand alone.

Sure, I’ve had my problems but don’t complain too much. Monitoring and alerts are FREE. The system tells me: if there is an intruder, if there is a power failure, and room temperatures. I can monitor and change furnace and AC. settings. I can even remotely control lights and other devices.

Tech support is FREE also. Just today Shaniqua, an IRIS tech, worked with me for about an hour to get a smoke detector and keypad re-connected. This alert is the most important thing. The fire department is volunteer and miles away. The house would be blazing or worse before anyone noticed.

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