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New Hub! Wi-Fi!? Yeehaw!

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New Hub! Wi-Fi!? Yeehaw!

So, first off I was walking down the aisle of Lowe's and guess what I seen? A new Iris hub! This looks very appealing. It's Wi-Fi, I couldn't believe it, so I decided to look it up. Here's what I found: 

Product Page

Spec Page


The fact this one is Wi-Fi, I'm ready right now. Great idea! Speaker, LED light ring, rechargable battery, this is the upgrade Iris needs! I am thrilled. Only thing is it does look like a little work would be involved in switching over, but I'm not worried about it, but for others looking:


Has anyone made the switch yet?


Re: New Hub! Wi-Fi!? Yeehaw!

I did a couple of weeks ago, so far so good.