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So what if we have to change platforms ?

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So what if we have to change platforms ?

Ok so I like to prepare for doomsday and hope it never comes.  I have been loyal to IRIS and have about 90 devices currently with a few more planned.   That being said, what do we go to if IRIS changes hands to a company we don’t like or it just ends all together.  I looked at a few other systems but didn’t see anything that I felt compared to IRIS.  What do you guys think is the next best thing?


Re: So what if we have to change platforms ?

First of all after working with many forms of home automation for 30+ years now I can say it is not an easy business to be in. But guess what? That does not help you and I.

I am not going to bore you with all the time/money I have spent over the years...

So then there came IRIS. I figured not the best tech out there but Lowes that was big enough to gamble on. I figured they would not get in the game only to have it tarnish their image so they would do a good job.

So I took the plunge. Not too deep (done that before...INSTEON...) and it worked pretty good for the simple things I needed done, Lights, motion, automated curtains even Alexa... not too shabby. Then I I wanted to start doing some real  integration. oops!! that's when the wheels began to falls off the wagon! Now they are selling... so much for the stability ...


What's next? I don't know I guess that is up to Lowes, we'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, plan B, since they have based their modules off zwave and zigbee I will no doubt look for controllers that work with technology and have cloud based services like IRIS. That is about all you can do. 

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Re: So what if we have to change platforms ?

This looks promising: