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So you switched to SmartThings.. now what?


So you switched to SmartThings.. now what?

You guys....   seriously. 


Lowes Iris had a beautiful app, process, flow, and lots of limitations. On a whim I purchase the SmartThings ADT hub because I had wanted it back in Nov of 2018 when it went $99 for Black Friday and I had a feeling this was going to happen. I'm glad I didn't jump ship before the fallout, because I wouldn't have been paid by Lowes. (Thank you again, @Iris)


But, since I've adopted this platform... and I've started tinkering in the IDE... where are our big code writers to make amazing things I will want to adopt into my SmartThings? Because I feel like this is something we wanted to Iris and now we can have with ST. So @thegillion what are you up to? Any plans for any fun in ST? 


I'm sitting here thinking... now what? Smiley Very Happy

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Re: So you switched to SmartThings.. now what?

Have you installed Web CoRE or CoRE yet?  They both do the same thing Web CoRE is just managed through a web browser rather than through the Smart App like CoRE is.  Also if you have Blue Iris, Neato Botvac, Sonos, ... many other things you can automate features from ST by loading SmartApps.

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Re: So you switched to SmartThings.. now what?

I haven't.... I'll get on that. ....headed over to the ST Wiki.