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FYI: Dome Home Automation

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FYI: Dome Home Automation


Stumbled upon this and noticed that they have several devices that currently work with IRIS. Some do not but they have instructions for the ones that do specific for IRIS... Some I am considering.


Love to hear some feedback if anyone has tried them...

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Re: FYI: Dome Home Automation

I'm looking into these as well! Great find. Although, I don't think we will have all the extra features... they show screen shots of pairing the dome siren, for example, but it doesn't look like it includes the features like selecting the sound from the menu options. Maybe @Iris can tell us if we can select the chime sound in rules? This may open up some great possibilities. If not, then we may need to head this thread right on over to the feature suggestions! Smiley Happy 


Re: FYI: Dome Home Automation

The z-wave rat trap looks interesting. I hate retreval based on smelling rot.

Its works with wink, smartthings, vera, and homeseer. Unfortunetly NOT Iris. I think having more products would be beneficial to us Iris customers.

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Re: FYI: Dome Home Automation

I think the more products the better as well. It appears that Iris is more interested in selling the right to "works with Iris" stamp than actually making things work. I like my iris system...loved it 3 weeks ago but recently my system has gone banannas!


Re: FYI: Dome Home Automation



Wanted to let you guys know that Iris currently does support several Dome devices.


However, please note that they are "uncertified"

What this means is that they will pair and you can use them but they haven't been through our formal testing process and there's no explicit instructions in the Iris app on how to pair them. However, if you put the Iris hub into pairing mode and then press the pairing button on the Dome device three times it will pair and it can be used in Iris just like any other device.


Iris currently lets you pair the Dome contact sensor, leak sensor, mini plug, motion detector, siren and water valve.


PS: to remove a Dome device you hit the button on the device three times while the hub is in remove mode.