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MIMOlite, Multiple Input - Multiple Output Z-Wave Device

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MIMOlite, Multiple Input - Multiple Output Z-Wave Device

OK, before everyone tells me that this device is not supported by Iris, I already know that. I knew that when I purchased it.


That being said, there was at least one respondent who reported that I could do what I needed with the product, so I purchased one. And yes, I can return it, provided I do that within 30 days of the time I purchased it.


With all of that being said, I have a small problem that I am hoping someone else has resolved. I have paired the device (and unpaired it more than once) with my Iris Hub. When you pair it, it comes up as "Z-Wave Generic Switch 1". As its name (subject line above) implies, it has several functional inputs and outputs. Functioning as a generic switch is not a feature that I need. The particular feature I need is the ability to sense when a dry contact is open or closed. This is one of the functions of the device. I called the Fortrez support staff and they are useless ("it can't be done with an Iris hub"). I know there are people out here that are smarter than that. It would appear that no one has thought to share how they did it.


Using the Iris Web portal, I have noted that while most of the z-wave devices us a driver version 1, 1.2, 2.3, this little box uses driver version 2.11. I suspect the problem is that while Iris has (or someone has) provided the 2.11 driver, no one has written (or shared) the necessary interface with THIS driver to provide more than BASIC services, like observing the status of the contact rather than turning on or off a light.


Any thought or suggestions?

ANY HELP would be appreciated