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NYCE Tilt Sensor not treated fairly in Iris system

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NYCE Tilt Sensor not treated fairly in Iris system

I have had IRIS for more than 5 years. It held great promise and for my money was the front runner in do it yourself home security and automation. Unfortunately it has been poorly managed as a product for many reasons. It has been inproving but at a slow pace and competitors have caught up and in many cases surpassed IRIS. The NYCE tilt sensor has been a great sensor for me for a long time.  In the begining it was an equal member with  the IRIS own  sensors. By that I mean that when activated it beep letting you know that the garage was opened. That stopped working in 2016 or so. But at least it was still possible to make it a part of the alarm system where it could be a part of alarm partial or on. Then they took this functionality away. Now the only thing I can get from the NYCE sensor is its state (Open or Closed). I have spoken with IRIS support several times. They even tried to blame it on NYCE having a software upgrade. This was silly. If IRIS know the state of the sensor and it still does. Then all of the lost functionality is because of changes in IRIS.  I guess this was some managers great idea to drive people to buy the iris garage opener controller. This only makes customers angry and makes them feel like your are treating them like cash cows and not valued customers.

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Re: NYCE Tilt Sensor not treated fairly in Iris system

Have this same issue.  NYCE 2nd Gen sensor (HA version) will now again support chime, but not appear in Partial / On alarm triggers.  Please return this feature to previous state, IRIS team.  It supported both in the past.  Greatly needed.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: NYCE Tilt Sensor not treated fairly in Iris system



The Nyce tilt sensor can participate int he alarm system but you will need to contact support and ask that they turn off the local alarm processing for your system, that will enable it to start participating again (the issue is that the Nyce sensor is not campatible with local processing).


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