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Tired of no good door bell options

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Tired of no good door bell options

I can't believe Iris hasn't partnered Ring.. I want a smart door bell. I don't want another hub. I would really like to use a Ring DB with Iris.

but... i can't. and i can't readily run a remote chime wires from my existing chime to the basement



Can i somehow add a contact switch to my existing chime to that when engergized it works like a switch and i can react with rules in Iris?


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Re: Tired of no good door bell options

I use 2 Iris smart buttons at work that emails me and turns on a smart plug.  I have a cheap lamp fixture with a strobe bulb screwed into it.  When the button is pushed, the smart plug turns on and the strobe bulb flashes.  Works great in our shop to let us know someone is at the warehouse door.


I also use one at home as a regular door bell.  It chimes the hub, which is too quiet to hear.  But it also sends me and the wife a push notification to our phones and watches.  It also turns on a GE zwave light switch and starts front porch camera recording.