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Re: Is Iris going to be around much longer ?

ot paid enoughfor my equipment to get into an system with Frontpoint. the kkequipment is more expensive, like double, and so is the monthly (3X-5X Iris  if you get home automation and camera) with a 3 year contract. And you  have to have all the service to use the phone app

now the positives: it's a real sysstem run entirley on cellular signal provided by Verizon. The app is simple, easy and reliable, the equipment response is reliable, much higher quality and instantaneolus response. For isntance, the motion sensors don't get triggered by my 9 lb house poet like Iris gen 1 & 2 sensors did.  the result is that I am glad Iris went belly up and had to pay me $600 for my equipment, whcih more than covered my new, much pbetter system NEFORE I sold all the Iris stuff on Ebay for another $100.


Now AI feel much better about my security system because it is a real onewith excellent customers witha 24 hour battery backup that can't be compromised by cutting my internet cable and power. it is much easier to install and the stuff stays installed AND I can put sensors in outlying buildings on my 1/4 acre, whichwas not posible with Iris.Also, I saved money buy doing a bit of research and buying about 12 last gen sensors compatible with my new system for half what the new ones cost from Frontpoint.


long list of past frustrations with Iris: I had to stand at my door and click and click the fob before it would get picked up and disarm the system. The app only worked part of the time. The indoor Iris brand cam NEVER worked. The GE light switch hardly ever worked. a smoke detector and siren wouldn't stay connected things were a pain to put on the system. this  forum has light gray font that I can't see well with no spell check


Finally: GoodbyeSweet  Iris and GOOD RIDDANCED. just thijnhk, people, If Lowes had have designed Iris sensibly as a standalone wifi system like all the other wifi equipment we have, then they would';t have had to buy back all our equipment  that won't work without the website! Duh!