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Re: Is Iris going to be around much longer ?

@euthorus wrote:
Iris is either circling the drain and grasping at the straws for quick stop gap with the cash flow or they REALLY hate their customers. They apparently can't afford the development costs to do things right so instead they offer another useless paid service.

Every Lowes I have been to in now Virginia, Idaho, Utah and NC display perpetually shrinking Iris shelves with mostly empty product hangers and minimal device choices offered for sale.
Most store associates know nothing of Iris, device support or options and I am now seeing the kind of discounts you see in the liquidation sales on the meager sensor selection that somehow is still in stock.

Not the picture of health from a $2500 investment in hardware and $120 annualy I as a customer get.

Now regarding you pro-monitoring. You sold most of us dumb hopefuls on the idea of a nice, we'll supported a la carte home automation and security with NO contracts or fees. We had it all in V1 and I gladly spent $$$$ on devices and the tiny 3gb of cloud storage for my cameras.

I will not speak of the epic fail cluster f*** of the V2 upgrade. But you did make both written and verbal promises to make things right. Promises you officially retracted in this very community forum. Instead you chose to offer us, the DIY crowd, a service that everyone one and their ADT dog already does so much better.

Why ????