no workable set of rules for automatic alarming

I have to say that after the last hour, I'm boggled and amazed at just how useless the rules and scenes are. Let me give you examples of everything I wanted to do but can't.


  • If back door is locked when front is locked set alarm to partial
  • If back door is locked when front is locked and motion sensor senses no motion, set alarm to on -- can't check other lock status or motion sensor
  • If both doors are locked and I'm away, set alarm to partial
  • I'm away and motion sensor senses no motion, set alarm to on
  • If alarm is set to on, lock both locks when timer expires -- it happens instantly, so can't get out the door
  • Open the door, set the alarm and expect it won't lock the door until it closes -- locks the deadbolt while the door is open, preventing it from being closed

In short, there are dead zero rules which can be used to ensure my alarm is set. I must leave the house and then set the alarm using the app which can have a scene to lock the doors. Without the app, I must manually lock every door and then set the alarm... like it's 1979 or something.


Note: I'm not being capricious. Every one of the above rules works fine with Wink and their Lookout service. However they don't have pro monitoring, so I'm stuck with Iris's limited abilities.


Iris desperately needs

  • multi-condition -- ability to check multiple locks, sensor status
  • the ability to run a scene AFTER the grace period expires
  • the ability for a scene to run some timeout period after the event