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Re: Is Iris going to be around much longer ?

Thank you for your comments Vettester.

Developing and adding features to a system like Iris is a careful deliberative process, that involves coordination between a lot of people in diverse roles including project management, engineering, marketing, hardware development, quality assurance, operations, documentation, and support. In a way it is kind of like a construction project in the physical world - many things have dependencies, and a large diverse group of professionals with different skills sets need to be involves at just the right time to bring everything together. Our customers all rely upon Iris's functionality and use the system in numerous different ways and we want to be sure that everything we do will benefits as many folks as possible while keeping the system running robustly and reliably.


A side effect of this is that sometimes new features don't get released as quickly as some folks desire. While I know that it isn't what you perhaps want to hear, I hope that this helps you understand a bit more. No matter what, we'll keep working for you and all of our customers.




PS: In the most recent release of our new "Inside Iris" blog we talk a bit about how we develope and test Iris releases, if this is something that interests you: