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Re: Is Iris going to be around much longer ?

@MikeS I have spent 15 years in the web application support role. Perhaps you can answer me this as Patrick seemed to literally vanish. What would you as a customer think of a company who offered you the following after you invested $500 to install some hardware along with nearly a year of the app itself showing an energy card and stating <Coming Soon>


Aug 10 @IrisByLowes when will my Aeon Labs EnergyMonitor start working/be supported again ?

Aug 10 @euthorus Energy monitoring is something we're currently working on. Keep checking back for more updates


Oct 28 @IrisByLowes you know whats scary ? It's been 5 months now that you disabled my Home EnergyMonitor by forcing the "Nextgen" switch.

Oct 31 @euthorus We're currently working on bringing back energy monitoring to Iris, so we appreciate your patience here.
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Re: Freaking Power Meter

We were sorry we were not able to bring every single Iris First Generation device to the Iris First Generation platform.  The three devices we did not carry forward were the Blueline Energy Meter, the Aeon Energy Meter, and the Ivee voice device.  None of these devices were moved to the new platform due to extremely low user counts, and/or the quality of experience they provided our customers. All users with these devices should have received an email informing them of the change on May 2nd, 2016.



Now here is the fun part, no such email ever went out, no apology or explanation offered. No one owned up to ****ing the customers over. @MikeS  you pretty much follow suit and ignore my comments so I will continue posting and start emailing Mick Koster to hopefully get an answer/refund.